Oman Embassy Apostille Attestation

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MEA APOSTILLE is a service provider for Embassy of Oman. We provide Oman Document Apostille for all Indian Originated Documents – Educational, Non-Educational Personal and Commercial Documents.

We also assist in Primary Apostille of Documents from Human Resource Department (HRD), General Administrative Department, Home Department, Sub Division Magistrate (SDM) and various other Departments of Government.

We offer package deal for Apostille Services for Oman of all types of documents (Educational, Non-Educational Personal and Commercial).

Degree Apostille for Oman Procedure/ Non-Educational Certificate Apostille for Oman Procedure below


  • State Education Department (HRD/GAD/Regional Apostille Centre) Apostille of concerned state
  • Apostille from Ministry of External Affairs (MEA)

PROCESS 2 (Case Specific):

  • Sub Divisional Magistrate (SDM), New Delhi
  • Apostille from Ministry of External Affairs (MEA)

Commercial Certificate Apostille for Oman Procedure

  • Chamber Of Commerce Apostille
  • Apostille from Ministry of External Affairs (MEA)

Apostille of educational and personal documents by the Oman Embassy requires submission of the following papers:

  • Original documents to be attested;
  • One clear photocopy of each document;
  • One clear photocopy of the passport;
  • Embassy’s fees per document; and
  • Our service charges per document

In case of Apostille of commercial papers, the following documents below required to be submitted:

  • Original documents duly attested by the respective Chamber of Commerce under the name and designation seal of the Attesting Officer and the seal of the Chamber of Commerce;
  • One clear photocopy of all the documents;
  • One Covering Letter addressed to the Embassy
  • Embassy’s fees per document as determined by them after checking the documents; and
  • Our service charge per document

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