Do you intend to travel to another country?

One needs help of documents such as educational, personal or any other document that is issued by the respective state department or an organization.

And in order for these documents to have weightage one needs to undergo a process called Apostille without which your document will not be legal in another country that you intend to travel to.

Thus, state attestation comes into picture where in the respective state body puts a seal which leads to the document being recognized as verified and validated.

Steps to get state attestation for your intended document:

  • Check for the document issuing state
  • Get in touch or contact secretariat of that state
  • Submit the document to the secretariat office by carrying your passport copy with you. This is needed for identification purpose
  • Pay the nominal fees, wait for 1 week. However, please note, the time also depends on the respective state protocols
  • Personally collect the document or if someone is collecting on your behalf, give them the authorization letter on Rs. 20 bond paper

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